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Our Classes

Toddler Dance is an award winning, fun and exciting introduction to dance for your little ones.  

Classes are parent/carer accompanied and 45 minutes in length to capture maximum attention and concentration. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of pre-school children to help learn co-ordination, boost confidence and burn energy!

Every class is different and jam packed with exciting games, familiar and popular nursery rhymes, funky childrens songs and activities using props such as hula hoops, bells and ribbon wands.


A fun filled class where pre-school children can learn the basics of ballet, musical theatre and freestyle disco.

This class is perfect as a follow on from Toddler Dance or for parents looking to introduce their child to dance for the first time.

Little Stars is relaxed and friendly class focusing on fun and confidence building.

IDTA examinations available at Rosette level.


A tiny tap class is available with each session.

A follow on class to Little Stars aimed at children aged 4-5 years.

Dance styles include ballet, modern, musical theatre, and freestyle disco.

In this class we focus more on learning and technique but strive to maintain the fun factor that all our classes entail.

IDTA Examinations available at Rosette level.


Pre-preparatory tap classes available with each session.


After school and weekend classes available

A fun and exciting class for children aged 5-6 years made up of modern, ballet, musical theatre, freestyle disco and street dance.


IDTA Grade and Medal Test examinations available.


Preparatory tap classes available with each session.


After school and weekend classes available.

We offer a range of classes for all age groups which are detailed below. Our classes are taught by fully qualified and certified instructors who are passionate, highly skilled and most importantly friendly! We always choose varied and popular music to accompany our dance which is age appropriate to allow the children to have as much fun as possible.


We follow the Grade and Medal Test syllabus of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and offer examinations in all dance styles twice a year. Our younger classes include a well done sticker at the end of each class and our older classes follow a weekly attendance award system. In addition to this we also offer our own Star Award medals and certificates to all children at the end of each Summer Term to celebrate their efforts and commitment to the dance school.  We believe in rewarding the children to keep them engaged and motivated in their classes. At the end of each term children are invited to take part in a mini show during thier class to showcase what they have learnt to thier parents/carers. In addition they are able to take part and perform in our biannual show at the Epsom Playhouse.


Our Dance Classes are progressive and so students move through the stages as they grow more experienced starting with Toddler Dance and going all the way up to Silver Stars. However, children are able to join the dance school at any age and we ensure that all new students feel welcome and are given guidance to help them take part with the rest of the class. Our dance classes include a mix of ballet, freestyle, modern and disco as well as an optional tap class.


In addition to our dance classes we offer Musical Theatre and Gymnastics Dance classes which are for mixed age groups and follow thier own IDTA syllabus. We have recently started offering adult tap and ballet classes as we have so many grown-ups wanting to enjoy dancing as much as the children!


Our classes are excellent value for money and start at just £5 for a 30 minute class. Each class has its own uniform and we also run a second hand uniform shop so that you can buy and sell items as your child grows in and out of them. Costumes for the productions are an additional cost.


We offer a FREE TRIAL on all of our dance classes so why not give us a try?



Toddler Dance


Little Stars


Rising Stars (4-5yrs)

Junior Stars (5-6yrs)


At Bronze star level the children are able to choose whether to specialise in ballet or modern and disco (or both!) They begin working their way through the IDTA grade and medal test syllabus. Tap is also still available to our Bronze Stars and all of these classes are conveniently held together either on a Saturday Morning or Monday evening to enable children to learn all of their dance styles in one session. We charge for the length of time your child is in the studio, rather than per subject.

Bronze Stars


Silver Stars


Tap is rhythm, rhythm is tap!

At Ambition School of Dance our mixed dance Stars classes from age 3 - 8+ years have an optional tap session available.

Classes are fun, rewarding and the children love them because they can make as much noise as they like! Tap Dance is brilliant for building coordination and rhythm.


IDTA Grade and Medal Test examinations available.



Tap Dance


Here at Ambition we offer classes to adults too! Whether you’re in it to get fit, learn a new skill or make new friends, you will be sure to have fun at one of our adult classes.

We currently offer adult classes in tap and ballet, with beginners courses held twice yearly.


Optional adult IDTA examinations available



Adult Classes

adult tap

Musical Theatre

Stars (4-12yrs)

Gym Stars


Come and learn how to sing, dance and act!

Our theatre classes are a great introduction to the wonderful world of Musical Theatre. Children will get the opportunity to perform on stage as well as being able to take part in regular singing, dancing and acting workshops.


IDTA Musical Theatre examinations available

At Silver star level the children continue to focus on their chosen dance subjects and continue through the IDTA examination process.  The dance styles available at this level are ballet, disco, modern and tap and all of these classes are conveniently held together on a Saturday Morning. We charge for the length of time your child is in the studio, rather than per subject. 

We know how much children of this age love to do cartwheels and handstands so we offer a class that combines gymnsatics with dance. Our teachers are fully certified and all classes are fun, energetic and teach students a great combination of skills.


IDTA gymnastics examinations available

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Dance Classes

Additional Classes