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We offer an extensive range of Dance Classes for children aged 18 months to 16 years following the IDTA syllabuses. Our classes are taught by fully qualified and certified instructors who are passionate, highly skilled and most importantly friendly! We always choose varied and popular music to accompany our dance which is age appropriate to allow the children to have as much fun as possible.

Hosted at our dedicated studio in Epsom Square, in the heart of Epsom town centre, our classes are excellent value for money and start at just £6 for a 30 minute class. We offer a free trial across all of our classes so that both children and adults can have a taster of the different styles of class that we offer. Each class has its own uniform which can be bought through our parent portal. We we also run a second hand uniform shop so that you can buy and sell items as your child grows in and out of them.

Our dedicated studio is located in Epsom Square in the centre of Epsom town centre. There is car parking in the basement of the building and several restaurants, cafes and shops in the vicinity.



We follow the Grade and Medal Test syllabus of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and offer examinations in all dance styles twice a year.


Due to the size of our Dance School we are able to offer exams at our own venues which, in our experience, helps the students to feel comfortable and relaxed for their exams as they are in a familiar environment.


We have an outstanding record of results across all dance disciplines but we stand firm in our belief that dancing (and exams) should be fun and enjoyable. All we ask is for students to try their best and enjoy the experience.



Performing and presenting work to an audience gives students enormous confidence and develops their self-belief. At the end of each term children are invited to take part in a mini-show during their class to showcase what they have learned to parents/carers.


In addition, students are able to take part in at least one show every year at the Epsom Playhouse. Biannually we host our own show which is a hugely popular and well-attended event. Every year, we perform pieces as part of the Children's Trust's annual fundraising show.


Performance opportunities give students a fantastic opportunity to be part of something very special. Students learn a multitude of skills when they take part in these events and also make lifelong, happy memories. (They're also rather enjoyed by parents, carers and extended family and friends!)



We strongly believe in rewarding the children to keep them engaged and motivated in their classes. 


Our younger classes are rewarded with a well done sticker at the end of each class.


Our older classes follow a weekly attendance award system, earning prizes to recognise the number of classes that they have attended.


In addition to this we also offer our own Star Award medals and certificates to all children at the end of each Summer Term to celebrate their efforts and commitment to the Dance School.  


At Ambition School of Dance we offer a wide variety of dance styles and classes. Many of our classes contain a mixture of these styles to give your child the freedom and opportunity to explore all that dance has to offer and our pricing reflects this. We believe in charging for the length of time spent in the studio, not per dance style. We also offer sibling and multiple class discounts.

30 minutes

40 minutes

45 minutes  

60 minutes

70 minutes

75 minutes

80 minutes








90 minutes

105 minutes

125 minutes

Toddler Dance

Adult Classes

Adult Beginner's Tap








  • Fees are payable half-termly in advance and classes missed must be paid for

  • We offer a 10% discount on second and subseuqent siblings


  • We offer a 20% multiple class discount (discount applied to least expensive class)


  • A one off administration fee of £15 per child is payable at the time of enrolment and includes an Ambition School of Dance t-shirt 

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