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We are excited to announce that tickets for our upcoming show, Roll Up! will go on sale via the Epsom Playhouse Website on Monday 7th January 2019!

Tickets will be priced at £12 for an adult and £10 for a child (2-12 yrs). Children under 2 do not require a ticket and can sit on parents laps. Pushchairs and car seats will not be permitted in the theatre. There is a space for pushchairs in the foyer but these are left entirely at the owners risk. Disabled seating is available and can be selected when purchasing the tickets online.

There will be two performances, one at 2.00pm and one at 4.30pm. Little Stars will be in the 2.00pm performance only. All other classes will take part in both shows. If you are a chaperone or DBS checked helper you do not need to purchase a ticket and you will be able to watch your child perform from the side of the stage.




20th - 26th January | In Class Dress Rehearsals 
Sunday 3rd February | Dress and Technical Rehearsal at Epsom Playhouse
Sunday 10th February | Show at Epsom Playhouse!



PERFORMANCE 1 - 1.00-2.45PM

All children will be required for this performance. Older students (Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Advanced Gym and Theatre Stars) will be required from 11am. Younger students (Little, Rising, Junior Stars and Beginner Gym) will be required from 12pm. Little Stars must have an adult present with them throughout the show.

PERFORMANCE 2 - 4.30-6.15PM

Little Stars are not required for this performance
All other children must be present for the second performance. Children will be dismissed at approximately 6.30pm.


All children aged 4 at the time of the performance MUST leave the venue for the 1.5 hour break in between shows. We also encourage all children to take a break with family between the performances. We will include more detail on this in the following Show Letters.


Rehearsals have already begun in class. It is so important that children attend every lesson next term before the show. There are only five class rehearsals before the performance. If your child is sick and unable to attend, please let us know by text or via Facebook prior to their class. Other than sickness, we cannot allow for any other absences prior to the show. There were lots of children absent in the past two weeks of term and this means they are now behind in learning their routines. We will not be posting videos to the Parent Portal unless absolutely necessary. Please, please, please make every effort to bring the children to classes next term.

The dress and technical rehearsal is on Sunday 3rd February at The Epsom Playhouse and will run from 10am-4pm. Each child will be given a 2 hour slot to attend. Some older students and those who attend multiple classes may be required for longer. Unless we notify you, all children must have one adult present with them throughout the tech and dress rehearsal.

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